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Young man from the Yidinji / Bar Barrum / Mamu tribes of far North Queensland, Coedie Ochre Warrah McCarthy (- which translates to the boy of many colors that came in the falling rain) is a young rainforest man that grew up in the bunjalung nation (Byron Bay Area) with many different elders/teachers from many parts of the country.

Mimicry and mirroring

This workshop consists of Dreamtime stories of the first words and the way they were formed, it also explores the way indigenous peoples of Australia mimicked the world around them in order to name it and better understand it. . It then explores the mimicry of the animals in the form of dance and attendants will partake in an old form of movement medicine connecting them with spirit and totem. They will get taken through various forms and learn the language attached to the animals. The session will end with a didgeridoo healing and attendants will partake a shape changer dance (taught during workshop) celebrating the creations of life and paying respect to sentient beings of all kinds.