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Ché is a movement specialist with over 20 years experience in analyzing, researching, competing, performing and coaching numerous movement modalities. As an Exercise Physiologist and Movement Therapist, Ché borrows from circus, dance, calisthenics, martial arts and biomechanically organic human movement pathways to help humans find a better version of their physical selves. After years of research and self testing Ché developed his own movement philosophy Primordial Play and has been running workshops across Australia and Internationally for the last 2 years.

Primordial Play

Primordial Play is a movement philosophy that encourages the exploration of organic human movement pathways through play based games. These sessions focus on the traditionally lesser trained functions of mobility, balance, spatial awareness, reaction time and creativity. By nature of the activities within the session, there is also an exploration of personal physical awareness, connection with others and integration of the elements of the natural environment. Each session is unique (as is every moment in life), but will always involve full body awakening, fun and sometimes challenging physical games, conditioning your body in ways you never have before, connecting with others and the environment, and always a few laughs.. we're playing after all!