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Clare Sentience

Visionary Songstress, Song Carrier, Sound Healer and Mother of Matilda Rose - Clare Sentience has been offering up her sacred songs to the world since returning to Australia to live in 2010, prior to which she performed & collaborated regularly with various bands & acapella singing groups in Australia & the UK, including Geamala, The Ecstatic Sound Circle and Buffalo & Bear. Clare's medicine songs, nature songs, mantras, sound healing experiences & guided meditations all come directly through her heart and soul to the listener with the intention of healing, awakening and the expansion of heart consciousness. Clare has sung the songs of her soul in jungles, temples, cathedrals, forests, the desert, indoor & outdoor festivals & sacred medicine spaces in Europe, South America, Central America, USA, Indonesia and Australia where she allows the sound, resonance & frequency of the space to move through her, sing through her. Deeply connected to the earth & passionate about the empowerment of humanity through radical self expression & joyfully unlocking the singing voice, Clare calls forward the full awakening of the singing voices in individuals of ALL ages and abilities through Soul Voice Activation Journey - Elemental Voices, with hundreds of graduates of her 6 week Elemental Voices program and thousands of participants at festivals around Australia. Find out more about Elemental Voices courses, immersions, and cacao ceremonies, sound experiences and workshops on her website :

Elemental Voices : Activate, Awaken and Empower Your Unique Singing Voice

SHORT DESCRIPTION : Elemental Voices is a song journey around the medicine wheel, designed to Activate, Awaken & Inspire your Passion, Purpose, Power & Creativity. You will learn to sing nature songs, heart songs, songs to the elements and songs to the earth. No singing experience or skill necessary. We sing for the joy of singing! LONGER DESCRIPTION : Elemental Voices offers a journey like no other... This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to express all of themselves with the world, sing with confidence, shine with the fullness of themselves and access their true and authentic singing voice. Singer, songstress & sound healer - Clare Sentience, would love help YOU activate & awaken your soul’s voice with "Elemental Voices" - a shamanic singing journey around the medicine wheel. In our short time together we will dive deep into the wisdom of the directions and the elements to awaken & embody our true resonant and confident singing voices AND sing a sweet selection of sacred medicine songs gathered from around the world! Individually and together as a group we activate the medicine wheel within and through these potent songs and intentions we learn about the use of the medicine wheel to evoke profound emotional healing & release of tension, ignition of intuition and purification of the body as we bring more courage to our most truthful and authentic expression. ''This is a totally profound and life changing workshop!''