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We are a ceramics based artist collective located in Melbourne. We run conscious ceramic workshops, integrating a connection to nature, the sourcing of wild clay bodies and meditative practices. The collective is run by ceramic artists Emma Rose Clark, Nicole Cocis and Adriana Goya who create works inspired by nature, spirituality and ceremony.

Conscious Ceramic Workshop

Our workshops usually run for two hours. Involving a 15 minute ceramic based meditation or grounding exercise, a 15 minute inspiration igniting experience, a lesson in handbuilding with a focus on educating on one specific ancient technique including its history, and then a creation session where deep connection and bonding is highly encouraged. A shrine of eclectic inspiration will be erected in the centre of the space to allow for maximum creative freedom and release of authentic self expression in a safe and encouraging environment. We run spontaneous exercises throughout to liberate creative juices and remove self judgement and criticism to create freely and intentionally!