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Darci Charli Dee, Andrew Bell, Chris Lovell

Dub & D’Yoga is all about the fusion of Yoga, movement, music and life captivated by the spirit of healing, community, freedom & connection – for each other and to our surrounds. Combining movement, breath & euphorically earthy beats Darci (D’Yoga) will lead you through a heat building, fun, flowing and meditative practice and The DubConTroll Collective will back it with a lively warmth and epic tunes, injecting this practice with a unique sense of fun and wake up. Dub & D’Yoga effortlessly weave movement and music. The connection they share is undeniable and contagious. Be prepared to be captivated by a mesmerising and soulful event, straight from the heart.

Dub n D'Yoga

An earth centered practice where Yoga, live music and spontaneous movement collide. Feel the connection of your feet on the earth, reach into the openness of the sky above & explore everything in between. Think less, feel more and find the space to allow your own creativity to unfold within the realm of sacred and spontaneous movement, interwoven with philosophy to guide you into a higher consciousness, sense of connection and state of awareness. Kick your shoes off and surrender yourself to a free form dance session smack bang in the middle to warm you up for the party ahead. Spontaneity and fun is at the core of our heart and we look forward to sharing this with you. Backed by The DubConTroll Collective: bringing you eclectic and euphoric beats, synchronizing that of your own percussive heart. DJs, percussion and other muso’s we find along the way round this up into a seriously earthy and cool way to bring people together for a fusion of healing, movement and connection.