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Dean Benson

Dean Benson has been working closely with his spirit team, continually evolving his medicine wheel by strong allieship with tradition & lineage. With the utmost respect to all creation and the process of initiation, Dean humbly serves to develop greater connection to self. Trained to travel into other realms and co-create with all forms of spirit, it now sees him working with clients to assist their reality and in-group form on a variety of levels. He considers his work unlabeled alchemy, as no definition can encapsulate the great mystery. For more information regarding his work, feel free to connect.

Unveiling Your Illusion

The intention of this workshop is to open sacred space for an interactive deliberation about our experience as human beings. I will express my perspective of the illusion that affects us in every moment, and then open the floor to bring up topics that our conscious minds should be questioning. Over my life experiences, I have gathered a sound innerstanding about my internal vibration and trained to change my frequency through developed connection to my source. I will share valuable knowledge that has shifted my awareness onto the real forces that control my reality. After over a decade as a musician and a DJ at conscious festivals across the globe, I am finally beginning to come to terms with who I am in totality as an Energy Worker. With extensive training in journeying to the spirit world, I have now managed to avoid many common traps after finally seeing through the veil. As a dedicated consciousness explorer, globe trekker and internal critic, I now live for my purpose. It is my mission to help people see past their limitations, realise the true divinity within them and be the master of their universe.