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Hoop Dance Heart Flow and/or Double Or Nuthin' (Two Hoop Tech) and/or SLow Flow in the Hoop (great in the morning)

Hoop Dance Heart Flow: A hula hoop dance workshop that invites you to dance with your inner child, spin up a storm, giggle, wiggle & ultimately find your flow – the moment where time disappears. Move, breathe & sweat your way to silent joyful stillness. This is a journey. Double Or Nuthin: A two hoop tech workshop. Be prepared for some mind-melting, drool-worthy yum coupled with totally accessible twins tech on top of twins tech until we end up feeling like techy noodles in a two hoop super soup. Slow Flow In The Hoop: Start your day held and guided by the circle. A gentle, powerful class that will awaken your senses and connection to self through slow flow in the hoop. Lean into and land within your body by feeling into the stretch and the spaces between.