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Healing Sea Country - Empowering Traditional Owners in Marine Conservation and Restoration in Moreton Bay

In this time of global crisis, where climate change, corporate and government corruption, pandemics, and war overseas dominates headlines, imagine a world that is far different and one that is counteracting these destructive forces. A society that acts to address the disconnection from nature that pervades the dominant global paradigm. A world where humans and the rest of nature are living balanced and interconnected, where humans understand how if we are taking from nature, we need to give back. Imagine a world where humans are actively regenerating the ecosystems that they have damaged or destroyed. Imagine a world where First Nations custodians, who know their own country far deeper than anyone else could ever know, and have suffered deeply from cultural and ecosystem genocide, are leading that movement. Imagine that these regenerative projects are run by these communities and that alongside healing country, students are being trained to be teachers and to help youth connect to their culture and to care for their country. Students from all around the country and overseas can come and learn how to regenerate land and sea country from Traditional Custodians. Envirotech Education is an award-winning Registered Training Organisation (RTO) offering the first national and international Marine Habitat Conservation and Restoration Vocational Education & Training (VET) accreditations (Certficate II & III). Our first funded course, ‘Healing Sea Country’, is taking place in Moreton Bay focusing on Indigenous youth with a cohort of about 25 students. Envirotech received a grant from NIAA to teach Cert II in Marine Conservation and Restoration, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and Open Water Diving Certification. Along with the qualifications, the students will be hired for a 6 month period to further build skills and help build a training hub in Moreton Bay, so future students can come and study. The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is essential for graduates to be able to teach at the vocational level. The objective of the program is to empower the Minjerribah and Bay Island communities to take the environmental initiative into their own hands and create an accredited local environmental training and restoration workforce, creating a win-win situation for the Earth, sea, and local communities. Facilitating knowledge exchange between youth and elders is also essential for this process. Come and learn about this exciting program and how you can get involved with more of our marine programs!