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Emerald Adams

As writer, tutor, teaching creature, I spend each day basking in and tasking with words, with story, with spelled-craft. With parents who weave their universes with words, I was always well-set to do the same; reading, writing, and restless enquiry in many ways defined my childhood. Thirteen years back at fifteen, I began stirring worded wisdoms in others, first with one, then dozens of students. The world of words is wildly vast, and whilst I have sought to explore its distant reaches, I find the blend of creative and critical ritualistic wordsmithing to be my enduring sanctuary. The importance of sensorially-immersive word-work which touches tongue, mind, and shivers skin has been perpetually reinforced over the decade I’ve spent guiding bass-cradled yoga, dance, and other meditative-movement. Years too of tertiary immersion spanning literature, philosophy, law, linguistics, editing, and now a near-finished masters in counselling have also offered ongoing insight into countless forms of writing, psyches, and rare realities, and given formal weight to the lexical play I favour. Beyond teaching and essays and assignments, my beloved and I share an art project in which she conjures inked characters and I write them to further life. Language holds vast magic – so many potentials to seed ecologies of freed meaning, feeling – and it is a ceaseless honour to learn it well and gift it greater lives.

Write and Ritual

Despite our daily use of language to manage the mundanities of life, we often keep the art, the ceremony, the carnival of creative phrasing for childhood or ‘sanctioned’ writers. The sense, sinew, spell of well-formed phrases is often lost and replaced by utilitarian basics. I hope to raise past arts, stir the inner ghosts of poetry, and hold space for worded play. Thesaurus-laden and rite-inspired, I shall share practices personal and universal learned through decades of experience and study to aid in the creation of your own reflective writing or spell crafting. Our every practice, spoken or silent, is carried by our flexible lexicon, and we shall see how far it stretches; some phrases hold music, others betray us crudely, and most are made of the lexemes in immediate reach. As we roam beyond the ordinary, I shall invite you to ponder what you feel you most want to you say for yourself, to yourself, and consider how to say it with meaning, momentum, and potency. We shall reflect in solace and with the collective, explore and have explained the ways in which language lends itself to patterns, and the ways in which to coax those patterns to novel ends. We shall ultimately seek to organically animate your tales and sayings so they may carry your purposes with intended power. The lax-lawed nations of language and narrative offer invitations to navigate your nuances of soul, of psyche, and I shall gently will you to roam vastly. Though I will contribute some extra pens and (recycled!) paper, I would deeply encourage you to bring your own writing materials which inspire or comfort you, and any small talismans, tokens, or curiosities which may stimulate your creativity and fit with your form of ritual.