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With seventeen years of immersion in yoga and over a decade of teaching experience in the field, Emerald has crafted a pattern of practice both professionally grounded and eclectically unique. In devotion to the potency of the practice, she has undertaken countless trainings (including a five hundred hour/certificate IV teacher training with Byron Yoga), and attended innumerable classes and workshops revolving around yoga, conscious movement, dance, pranayama, interpersonal connection and meditation practices in order to inform and progress that which she shares. Each of Emerald's workshops reflect these learnings, and Emerald tailors her classes to nurture the needs of each participant. Emerald has for many years shared her workshops - nude and clad - at an array of festivals (Earth Frequency, Dragon Dreaming, Regrowth, Burning Seed, Origins of Entropy, Connections, Psyfari, Subsonic etcetera), though most often from her cosy south coast home. She seeks to tend mind and body both, and gently weaves philosophical musings throughout every bass-laced experience she offers. Emerald has also had experience in creating and holding festival workshop spaces at Psyfari and Dragon Dreaming. Emerald and Katarzyna married in 2018, and have long found that their interests, passions, and skills are just as complementary in co-crafting immersive movement experiences as they are in wider life. Katarzyna's relationship with music is deep and ever-evolving. She cares intimately for complexity, detail, and immersive experience, and has for years infused her work - mixing and producing - with these values. With experience spanning genres and creatively cradling expressive movement, Katarzyna often offers her skill to accompany yoga, ecstatic dance, and meditation.

Embodied Bass Yoga

Emerald and Kat's bass-cradled workshops invite whole-body immersion and expression. Expect guidance through breath, music, meditation, and dance-inspired-yet-classically-grounded movement. Every shared practice creates space for playful explorations of body and consciousness, and honours the nuances of all folk who come. The practices Emerald and Kat offer ask participants to shift out of performative or competitive patterns, and instead embed themselves deeply in the dynamic experience.