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Erfan Daliri is an author, poet, activist, social change trainer and consultant with a background in community development and a Masters in Communication for Social Change. He has over 15 years of experience working with NGOs, communities and government agencies in participatory development, cross-cultural communication, youth empowerment, mental health, settlement services, and social justice advocacy. Erfan is the founding director of Newkind Social Justice Conference and programme coordinator of the National Unity in Diversity Conference as well as an internationally toured spoken word artist with three published books. His extensive background in grassroots community work and social change project design has held him in good stead to be now consulting for organisations such as Amnesty International, Beyond Blue and the Australian Red Cross. A skilled communicator and trainer, Erfan has a knack for creating 'Aha' moments for entrepreneurs, activists and school students alike, with an uncanny ability to captivate audiences in his lectures, workshops and spoken word performances. Erfan is particularly passionate about empowering changemakers to address the root causes of issues related to social, environmental and economic justice and to help them build a more inclusive, cohesive, sustainable and equitable world. His latest book, Raising Humanity, discusses the underlying causes of inequality and socio-economic injustice. It is a journey through ecology and economy, resilience and community, and what it takes to be a changemaker.

Communicating Climate Change - Empowerment for Effective Activism

Communicating Climate Change: Empowerment for Effective Activism Being effective in our activism and environmental advocacy requires more than just passion and commitment, it requires nuanced language, clear reasoning, lived experience and a bit of academic research to ensure we are achieving our goals and objectives. Communicating Climate Change covers issues such as world-view backfire effect, emotional management techniques, ecopsychology, economics and prejudice, to empower participants in becoming more effective communicators and environmental educators. Second workshop topic as requested. Economics and Ecology - A Systems-Thinking Approach to Social Change Moving beyond the symptoms of social injustice and inequity, Erfan Daliri instead looks at the root causes of some of the worlds most pressing issues and connected and covers everything from economics, education, climate change and evolution, to set forward a vision of a just and sustainable future that we can all be a part of co-creating.