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Floriano Esse

Floriano Esse, Italy, has been training Capoeria since 2001 under the group Capoeria Triarte. He's been holding workshops in few festival around the world like Jungle Love (QLD) and Phoenix Fire Festival (Germany). Currently Floriano is training Capoeria in Brisbane under the group Xango Capoeira.

Capoeria Beginners Workshop

Capoeria, a revolutionary movement, is a Brazilian martial arts that combines aspects of acrobatics, dance and fighting. It was founded in Brazil amoungst the slaves as a way of gaining freedom from slavery and keeping fit. The aspect of dance was incorporated into the fighting to hide from the slave master that they were actually training to fight. In this workshop we will explore beginner techniques and talk about the culture of Capoeria. What do you need for this workshop? A big bottle of water and an open mind. Any level fitness or age can participate.