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Aaron and Gabi are both Zenthai Shiatsu bodyworkers. They have trained with Gwyn Williams who integrated the art of Zen Shiatsu, Thai massage and Osteopathic techniques into one unique bodywork flow, all based on the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine. They have been both sharing their passion for this modality at festivals and within their community for many years.

The Art of Zenthai Shiatsu - Partner Yoga and Bodywork flow

We begin in a sacred circle, igniting our community of trust. Through partner yoga we explore the art of gracefully giving and receiving, working with each others bodies, activating the meridians and getting the energy flowing. We will then facilitate a guided Zenthai Shiatsu Bodywork flow. Everyone will get to give and receive a treatment. As we are in summer this workshop will be focusing on the fire element which relates to the Heart, Small intestine and the water element, Kidney and Bladder channels to bring balance to the body. Suitable for ALL LEVELS Please bring your own yoga mats or anything comfortable to lie on.