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Party With Purpose

Partying can be transformational if it is done with self-awareness, educated choice and intention. Spending time out in nature around powerful humans talking about the world, purpose and understanding ourselves more is the core of festivals. Therefore being mindful about our choices at a festival can give us the power and direction we need to gain the most out of our time in the festival realm. The sense of expression and understanding of self is something people gain during the weekend and then crave to hold onto post festivals, however if we understand the lessons we are learning through our time at the event - we can integrate them back into our everyday lives and start to carve the life we want to live. This workshop involves a dropping in around harm minimisation, festival mental health and an open conversation about substance choice and how to navigate our boundaries. We will create a container for interactive group discussion as well as take part in an activity to give us tools to assist navigating a safe weekend.