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She's the Queen of Hoophop, Captain of the Hoop Army and plays a character Hoopdogg who performs helium Hoop Raps! Her name’s Hayley Hoopla! Part Hooper, Costumier, Dancer, Choreographer, Circus Arts Teacher and GANGSTA! Known for her kooky facial expressions and myriad of themed characters, she’s best described as Betty Boop meets Snoop! Her latest obsession Hoop-Hop is inspiring the hoopdance world into a funky frenzy, giving a unique flavour, and a safe and exciting realm of body-moving confidence to dive-on-in and celebrate together! Her style combines Hoopla’s training in Bellydance, Flamenco, Hip-Hop, Swing dance and Clowning. Her stage debut was at 3 years of age wearing a hot-pink leotard! Hoopla’s ill skills have been invited to perform alongside Producers Opiou, Beats Antique, Human Experience, KLab & Spoonbill to name a few. When she’s not performing her unique acts, she can be found training her Hoop Army, or teaching HipHop Aerobics! Follow HoopDogg & her army on FB: hoopdoggakahayleyhoopla INSTA: @hayleyhoopla

Hoop Hop workshop by Hayley Hoopla (a fusion of Hiphop dance & hula hoop tricks)

Join Hayley Hoopla aka HoppDogg for a FUN breakdown of HoopHop. Experience some simple choreo that fuses Hiphop dance with basic hoop tricks to really get your hoop flow flowing & a big smile on that dile! with over 13 years experience teaching and performing, Hayley Hoopla's latest project THE HOOP ARMY will inspire you to try this fresh choreography workshop. FUN FOR EVERYONE!