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Helly Hoops

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After a teaching and performance tour of Paris, Nicaragua and Germany, Helly Hoops has returned to Australia in full power, bringing her 5-hoop act back to the stage. With a love of teaching circus and connection through play, she's got a degree in clowning, and fuses comedy and games in workshops to keep you smiling. Nominated for Australian Hooper of the Year 2017, Helly has performed and taught circus, hoop, and clowning workshops in the US, UK, Indonesia, and across Australia.

Fun big games OR Hula Hoop workshop

** Hey Vanessa! Bree mentioned you'll be away from tomorrow onwards. Just popping through an application so that I might be able to run a workshop or two in the Village. I'm already booked for Family Realm and main Performance, and would love to get a lil bit more work onsite. ** Options: 1. A Playful Connection - Games Workshop 2. Finding Flow - All Levels Hula Hoop Workshop 3. Hula Hoop Tech: Intermediate (option) *60 mins each A Playful Connection - Games Workshop [just run successfully at Urban Gathering] Have a bunch of fun in this groovy games workshop. Step back into the carefree giggles of your childhood in this all-inclusive, mega fun workshop where you are guaranteed to laugh. Expert games master Helly will you through the silliest of games to have you laughing! Bring your friends and your best game face! 2. Finding Flow - All Levels Hula Hoop Workshop Learn some basic sweet hula hoop tricks and how to groove out with them! We put together some sweet moves so that you walk away with new skills, new friends and impressive moves. All levels welcome. Hoops provided. OR 3. Hula Hoop Tech: Intermediate Learn some techy tricks from one of Australia's monster hula hoopers, Helly Hoops. With a twist of flow and the challenge of new tricks, be supported to learn in the middle of Earth Frequency. While everyone is welcome, this is particularly suited for intermediate. Hoops provided.