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'Iolani Grace

'Iolani Grace, the Heart Alchemist, celebrates the human heart, body, mind, soul and spirit personally and professionally as an International Healer, Rebirther, Teacher, Dancer and Inspired Group Facilitator. ‘Iolani Grace creates and leads a variety of workshops and retreats to meet the needs of the moment, including: Trance Dance & Breath Journeys, Shamanic Journey Yoga, Hawaiian Shamanic Breath & Healing Movement, Rite of Passage Bodywork, Lomilomi Haloa Training, Life Shift Healing & Coaching, Sacred Rites of Passage and more. For 35 years, ‘Iolani has internationally directed, created and taught dance infused with her passion for shamanic healing, indigenous culture, transformation and personal empowerment. Born and raised in Santa Cruz, California, ‘Iolani experienced a great passion for nature, healing and dance from a young age. At 16, she began dancing professionally in companies in California, New York City, Switzerland and Israel. Now, ‘Iolani is at home now in Brisbane recently from the Byron Shire, Australia, offering on site and virtual private and couples Life Shift Healing & Coaching, leading transformational group events and teaching shamanic healing arts worldwide. ‘Iolani Grace dedicates her life to the love, empowerment, unity and freedom of our global tribe. She stands as a protector of Life and a bridge of cultures connecting ancient wisdom to all peoples, bringing forth the new dreaming together. She has acted in service of the Elders and Indigenous Cultures throughout Hawai'i, North America and Australia for over 30 years, and is sanctified and respected in her offerings. ‘Iolani’s special gifts are in creating magical sacred spaces to feel, transform and manifest the desires of your heart. She is active in facilitating workshops at festivals in Australia and America, some including: Rainbow Serpent Festival, Earth Frequency, Island Elements Festival, Seven Sisters Festival, Byron Bay and Sydney Spirit Festival, Splendor in the Grass, Wild Honey Dance Festival, and many more. She has also facilitated in various Spiritual Festivals and expos in the US: Whole Life, New Life and Mind Body Spirit.

Hawaiian Shamanic Healing

Experience the magic of Hawai'i with 'Iolani Grace as she takes you on a shamanic healing journey to remember who you are through ancient Hawaiian principles, chant and kahuna flying breath and movement. Dive into the beauty of your heart, body and nature. Expand your mind, feel your connectedness, hear the unheard, see the unseen, touch the untouched. As you journey in these powerful shamanic practices you will break free from the confines of daily life, dance into new sacred spaces and build your mana (life force). This workshop will inspire you to live in greater harmony and respect with yourself and all life. 'Ohana, family, is the number one Pacific Island cultural principle. Aloha, compassionate love, is the greatest power. In Hawai'i aloha 'aina is a way of life; loving, respecting and caring for the land. With humbleness, respect and permission, 'Iolani passionately shares this ancient wisdom and practices with you.