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Embodied Movement Workshop

This workshop is a seamless melding pot of methods and teachings used to unlock the body, mind and spirit. Experience a variety of Visualisation and Improvisation techniques, Sprinkled with inspiration from ancient, spiritual and deeply embodied practices such as Ecstatic Dance, Yoga Nidra, Shaking and Breath Work. This Workshop is an evolution of the truly freeing self-practice cultivated by Ismeen as her own Dance Medicine during tough times in 2020 while studying Contemporary Full time in VIC. Ismeen began to draw parallels with these dance techniques and her own spiritual and yogic practice of flow through aligning the mind and body. Ismeen uses this as a way self-healing through releasing stored energy, emotions and experiences as well as unlocking new ways of moving and in turn connecting deeply to a unique and whole sense of self. Come with me as we journey deeply inward, into the cells and structures that make and move our vessels…. Deeper still to the feelings and experiences stored in our beings … and from here we will move... Embodied Movement will not only release stored emotions, blockages and experiences - but will change your perspective of what it means to "dance" and free your body from the rigid paradigm of that most of us see as dance. Break down the walls stopping you from expressing yourself through movement. Become Fully Embodied in a weird, whacky and wonderful way.