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Jonathan Sri

Jonathan Sri is the first elected Greens councillor to serve on Brisbane City Council, and has been a vocal advocate for reshaping our political system through grassroots participatory democracy systems. He has fought hard against the negative impacts of gentrification and pushed for stronger renters rights, better public transport and bike lanes, public housing, protection of green spaces, and sustainable building design. Jonno also plays in ska/punk band the Mouldy Lovers and spoken word/hip-hop band Rivermouth, and believes the arts are central to any successful movement for social and political change.

The System is Fucked – So What’s Our Alternative?

Greens city councillor Jonathan Sri facilitates a circle discussion to unpack the fundamental flaws of our current political system, and discuss what a genuinely democratic system might look and feel like. How can large communities make decisions efficiently, without all the power becoming centralised in the hands of a privileged few? What role could online voting play? Can deliberative democracy strategies protect the rights of vulnerable minorities?