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Justine McInerney

Creative Cunt$ / The Positivity Project

An accomplished performer and media personality, Justine also Acts, Sings, Produces, DJ's and has written her first novel. Also known as: The stand up comedian who brought you JMAC's Disco Fanny. The being who brought you Shayno, Jiva and Flora Kerr. The powerhouse that brings multiple lols to multiple events. The producer of comedy festival and fringe shows in all states. The voice at various radio stations across Australia. The face of many a brand and the activist of many a cause. The author of 'Turn to the Dyke Side'. The writer and visionary behind The Positivity Project. The MC of literally hundreds of events across the nation. The serial hugger. The singer IKIGAI. The DJ Mimiseekoo. Justine McInerney has been in entertainment, media and showbiz for over ten years, and continues to surprise us every day. From radio at Nova and TV hosting gigs to over 13 years of voice work, Justine guides many clients around emotional blockages and vocal releasing. She is qualified in Psych-k as a practitioner of subconscious reprogramming and a Sekham and Reiki iniate an healer amongst other things. She helps facilitate healing ceremony's around the world and shoots Documentaries and runs art tours with Indigenous Elders across Australia. Justine is a jackass of all trades and vocal strength is her thing. Her voice has saved her on many occasions and she shares "My Vagina and My Voice are the two strongest things in the world" - creation centers. Come tap into yours with Justine as your guide. You voice that is. No doubt she will guide you into your Cunt and Cock power though to access different vibrations with your voice. Are you ready?!

Vocal Clearing and Expression

Stand Up Comedian / MC, come Intuitive Healer / Singer / DJ Justine McInerney (of Disco Fanny and Ikigai) will help you find your true voice. This workshop will open your instrument aka your body, and allow great healing through sound. Justine gets participants to dive deep within themselves to tone their chakras and release stagnant energy and trauma through the use of ancient sounds. You will move your body, make weird and whacky noises and in the end be witnessed in your glory by the group. Justine holds a safe space for anything that wants to surface and encourages burps and farts, saying, "that means you're really clearing!" Qualified Psych-k practitioner, Sekham/Reiki healer, comedian, radio host and all round media personality, Justine has over 14 years of professional voice work under her belt. She will help you step into more of your true self by embodying your unique vibratory sound. At the end of the workshop everyone will be encouraged to share their tone, through song, spoken word, rap, poetry, or public speaking in general. This is the tune up your body has been waiting for. Justine also encourages saying 'Fuck You' loudly at sunset, which is great for embodied anger release and your throat chakra. Namaste bitches.