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Krystal Aranyani

Krystal Aranyani is a passionate tantra yoga teacher, world traveler, author, and public speaker - with a vision to help others rediscover their own DIVINITY, reclaim their personal SOVEREIGNTY, HEAL from past traumas, and AWAKEN. Originally from Canada, she has been exploring Earth since 2011. During her travels she has studied different cultures, religions, and ancient belief systems. She's certified in five types of yoga, but tantra is her passion. Krystal's classes and workshops are a unique fusion of kundalini, tantra, vinyasa, and free movement, with an emphasis on awakening Shakti energy. Her first book, Awakening the Goddess, is released in September 2018, when she will begin a worldwide book tour.

Sensual Shakti Yoga

Sensual Shakti yoga is all about awakening the Shakti energy within us, Shakti is creativity, nature, power, inspiration and free flowing movement. During this class Krystal will take you on a journey through the senses as you learn how to reach bliss here and now. Sensuality and tantra aren't just about sexuality, it's about becoming present in this moment, embracing this physical realm and using it as a gateway into higher consciousness.