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Kyle is a qualified and passionate herbalist, sound healer and Breathwork facilitator. He empowers and educates people to inspire a culture that heals itself. Combining the mystic and magic of this reality with proven medical knowledge, he assists people in times of change and transformation to further step into the highest version of themselves. His passion for holding a space for transformation and healing continues to be an ever expanding experience for himself and those who cross his path. The profound wisdom Kyle offers can be experienced through Chocolate Dreaming Rituals, sound healings, one on one coaching and consultations. Integrating herbal medicine and holistic health principles, Kyle’s Elemental process radically shifts the transformation from a stressful lifestyle to a healthy, happy and empowered human experience. Known as The Chocolate Wizard' Kyle is the founder of Supherb Chocolate a herbal chocolate company devoted to serving ancient wisdom to our modern day culture.

Chocolate Dreaming Ritual

The Chocolate Dreaming Ritual is a sophisticated sensual process... It is Elemental in Nature, It is Experiential, It is Experimental, It is Existential.... Chocolate Dreaming is a sensory awakening! Come Dream with Chocolate a powerful Food, medicine, sacrament and currency. Chocolate (or the chocolate tree Theobroma cacao) been used by ancient civilisations and now it has already spread its love seeds to every corner of the globe and sprouted in everyones heart. Chocolate has already set it all up... You just need to turn on, tune in and remember you are the dreamer. This Ritual is for those ready to connected deeper with themselves and the Earth there will be a short Chocolate wisdom sharing, botanically infused chocolate crafted by The Chocolate Wizard and you will be guide through the magical process... when chocolate is consumed with intention it connects you with your path, it takes you on your journey... This is The Chocolate Dreaming. ...smell, taste, visualise, feeling and listening to the messages of chocolate. The dreaming will be integrated with a short breath and sound journey and close with a gratitude sharing. What you will get out of this workshop is a deeper appreciation for the magic that chocolate holds and a cosmically ground ritual that you can do anywhere anytime. There isn't really any difference between dreams and reality... When we dream alone its taste, when we dream together the richness of this reality becomes so much more delicious.