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Lauren Cuthbert infuses everything she does with an easeful joyous energy and a whole hearted devotion to inner and outer connection. Lauren brings to her yoga teaching a depth that traverses from strength to deep vulnerability, sincerity to playfulness and alignment to freedom. Lauren is an international yoga teacher and the founder of Karmic Journeys - retreats that connect love to action; through embodiment of compassion, and offering environmental and humanitarian contribution. Manoa California-born and Australian based roots artist Manoa combines uplifting reggae grooves and laid back folk melodies with soulful vocals and conscious lyrics. He has shared his music at a range of folk festivals including Splendour In The Grass (2016), Mullum Music Festival (2019), Earth Frequency Festival (2020), and Wallaby Creek Festival (2019). He has supported and played alongside roots artists including Dustin Thomas (USA), Oka, Nicky Bomba and Murray Kyle. With a background as a marine biologist , Manoa is inspired by his deep love for the natural environment and sharing the story of an emergent regenerative culture empowering the earth and its people.

Art of Connection

Art of Connection - Weaving yoga, music and interconnectedness, we dance through the matrix between us and nature. Yoga... The art of connection... connection to self, to nature, and to each other. Moving with the current that runs through all life. Connecting to our bodies and our minds. Connecting to our true nature with all its energy, rediscovering buried treasures and feeling the remembered and the new flow through us, between us. Moving in & out of self and community. Exploring the landscapes and physiology of the human body, that unifies us with the symbiosis of nature. In this workshop with Lauren and Manoa, we return to the connective energy between us and that is always here - through partner and group yoga asana, intuitive movement, poetic sounds, mindfulness of nature and safe, gentle, loving touch. Lauren is passionate about looking at how we can rethink, reprogram and regenerate the way we approach connection to ourselves and others; so that we can continue to evolve and open to more love, acceptance, truth, compassion and authenticity. A special workshop to step you out of the wildness of your mind, tap you back into your heart, bring awareness into your body and feel connection to community.