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Lila Lieberman

Lila has been working with medicinal plants and indigenous ways of healing for twenty years, beginning her journey in the Atacama Desert of Peru. She is initiated as 'sangoma', a traditional healer and seer, in the Shona tradition of South Africa. She has spent much time engaging with plants in a medicinal capacity, learning the optimal ways to gain the friendship of the plants around us. Her academic background is in Anthropology, Linguistics, Philosophy and Transpersonal Psychology, and Diploma in Integral Coaching. She merges the worlds of mind, spirit and body in her practice by engaging ceremony, movement and music as a way to blossom in our capacity. She now lives in Byron Bay, Australia.

The Five Pillars of Medicine

"Wake up and write this down!" were the words heard as I was dipping off into sleep. "There are only five pillars of medicine. And all medicine, across all time, fits into these pillars…" The teaching proceeded to stream through, revealing the five modes of medicine, the ancient systems that use them, and how we draw on them instinctively in our daily lives.“ In this inspirational talk Lila will share a system of knowledge she has received spontaneously through dreams and plants. She will tell the story of her meeting with a Cedar tree, where it shared the distinct allocations of medicine across all natural bodies and how these are used to support ourselves; and the systemic medicinal tool that came through at the start of this dream - “The Five Pillars of Medicine”. These bodies of knowledge weave into a comprehensive tool, and operate in a treatment and diagnostic capacity that can be applied as a simple map of guidance as we navigate our lives and flourishing. This inspiring information and intuitive system shared through the natural and dream worlds can be employed in our daily lives as we conduct our own evolution. Simple direct heart knowledge, reminding us of our true nature!