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Megan Saffigna, Luke Jaaniste


Megan and Luke first met at the 2017 Earth Frequency Festival and after discovering their mutual love of expansive bodily awareness, vibrational sensing and deep relaxation, the Sonic Yin collaboration was born, which has since featured at 2018 Earth Frequency Festival, and sell out events at Bonfire and Revive Yoga. Megan Saffigna has been practicing yoga for most of her adult life and has been teaching regularly since 2014 at Bonfire, Revive Yoga, and Bardon Yoga. Megan teaches restorative Yin Yoga classes, flowing Vinyasa as well as invigorating hot yoga. Megan also teaches fun-packed family and kids’ yoga at Earth Frequency and Earthdance festivals. Megan loves sharing the wonders of yoga, her teaching style is supportive and encourages you to dig deeper into your practice. She loves creating a space for yogis to relax and drop into a deep internal journey. Luke Jaaniste (HHAARRPP) is a sound artist and live musician, who creates vibrational music-scapes with electronica, live looped vocals and electric guitar. HHAARRPP is known for a unique approach to quadraphonic surround-sound immersion as well as continuous durational performances that can last hours, within which audiences sit and lie down, as well as dance. He has appeared in a range of sites and spaces in Australia, including warehouses, galleries, yoga studios, parties and cathedrals. HHAARRPP loves to collaborate with a range of artists and artforms, including acoustic improvisors, film makers, dancers, and now yoga.


Time for some deep relaxation... within an epic vibrational music-scape... in a 2 hour workshop that combines Yin Yoga, led by Megan Saffigna, with the live surround-sound music of HHAARRPP. Yin Yoga is a slow, gentle style of yoga in which the body can discover new ways of entering into rest and restoration. HHAARRPP's music-scapes are built on eternal harmonies, intricate evolving textures, a timeless sense of drift, and full spectrum throbbing tones... This music resonates with your breathing and your whole body, each and every cell meeting the sonic vibrations. HHAARRPP conjures a music-scape for participants to bathe in by responding to the yin yoga poses and the social/embodied experiences/mood/'temperature' of participants to give a once-off in-the-moment unique experience. As you sink down within Yin state, evocative images and long-lost memories float to the surface as your subconscious sifts, filters and releases. You will be left feeling deeply relaxed, grounded yet blissfully euphoric.