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Miriana Rose, Bhakti Goode

Bhakti and the Bumble bee

Bhakti and the bumblebee is a collaboration of sweet juicy sound nectar (through live instruments as well as electronic mediums), art and traditional / intuitive yoga practices. Bhakti and the Bumblebee is comprised of two conscious individuals who are both inspired by the beautiful things in life and strive to reflect life's extraordinary beauty in all situations. We are based out of our home studio in Uki, nestled beneath the energetically powerful Mount Wollumbin (also known as Mount Warning). However we do offer classes and events from Byron Bay all the way up to Brisbane and beyond.

Yin Yoga and sound healing for emotional release

It is always important to remember that the state of the mind reflects the state of the body and in turn the state of the body reflects the state of the mind. Mental and emotional trauma can be stored deep within the muscles and organs of the physical body, for years, decades and even longer! In this workshop Bhakti and the Bumblebee will explore sound and deep stretching to aid in emotional, physical and mental release. The class will be a yin styled yoga asana class. Meaning simple poses will be held for extending amounts of time allowing deeper stretching through the muscles, connective tissue, ligaments and joints. Particular focus will be held on the breath and around the hips, the area within the body known to store emotional tension. This in combination with live sound healing (constructed live from both acoustic and electronic mediums) will offer participants a safe place to feel connected and uplifted, explore mind body and breath, as well as aid in positive change and release.