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Bhakti and the bumblebee is a collaboration of sweet juicy sound nectar (through live instruments as well as electronic mediums), art and traditional / intuitive yoga practices. Bhakti and the Bumblebee is comprised of two conscious individuals who are both inspired by the beautiful things in life and strive to reflect life's extraordinary beauty in all situations.

Chakra Balancing Yin Yoga and Sound

This is a practice that works to balance the entire system! Mind, body and soul! We will utilize deep stretching through different yoga poses, to strengthen, relax, heal, balance and explore the body and its energy systems know as “Chakras” Chakras are energy centers located along the centerline of the torso. We have 72,000 energy centers with in the body known as Nadi’s. Nadi’s can be likened to meridinis or nerves. Chakras are similar to Nadi’s but are much larger and we have just 7 main chakras within the body. Each Chakra is responsible for maintaining the physical health of different organs and parts of the body. For example the health of our Anahata (heart chakra) is directly related the the health of the heart and cardiovascular system. These Chakras are also directly related to an element, colour, behavior, certain emotion and mental out look. For optimum health of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body all the chakras should be aligned allowing a free flow of prana (energy) to flow through the body. This is what we will aim to achieve, through yoga, pranayama (breath), visualization and sound. Each chakra is also linked to a sound note and key. We will incorporate elements of live music to enrich and elevate the whole experience. Prepare to let you spirits rise. Breath deep and melt into super yummy deep stretches all while bathing in silky sweet live harmonica, flute and guitar.