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Dance communicates what language cannot. Asher is a contemporary movement artist, dedicating her practice to the protection of the natural world. She uses her creative language to evoke empathy and compassion, bring awareness to injustices, tell the stories of those that cannot speak, and pay respect to the Earth for what it has given and continues to give us. Asher has spent her life learning and performing various art forms, receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts (contemporary dance) in 2013. After years of performing across dance, acrobatics, physical theatre, circus and installation art, she now focuses on work that positively affects things greater than herself. Through her artistic expression, she spreads environmental awareness in her own gently powerful, creative approach to activism. Asher creates dance works, and teaches connection and consciousness through movement and dance workshops around the world. She created an online transition guide, The Waste Free Way, and passionately helps others align their lifestyles with their deeper values. Having found her way to environmental consciousness, she understands and has enormous respect and patience for all who wish to change for the benefit of all.

Move through Imagery

Travel through textures, explore momentum, investigate sensations, and enjoy the availability for movement your body can have. This session is a generously guided movement improvisation designed to access deeper range within your body, find new physical pathways and release the mind from preconceived ideas of what dance "should" look or feel like. This hour offers a continous flow of ideas and tasks to detach you from any pre-determined ways of moving or thinking. Let this stimulus inspire exploration and research within your body. Play with imagery tools and techniques that allow you to access more expansive movement, greater balance, textural variation, and a deeper awareness of your body and space. Connect to you senses, to the Earth and to others you share the space with, release from self-judgement and expectation and let this hour work for you. Whether you are a trained dancer, avid boogier or more on the sedentary side, this session is what you make it; a good stretch, a mind exercise, a training platform, a healing space, an opportunity to connect or an outlet to play and feel the gift of movement and creativity.