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New View Farmers

We are a team of organic farmers and together we are exploring conscious living and sustainable farming. We have been gardening for about 9 years and for the last few years growing herbs, vegetables and flowers together for our local communities, including the Northey Street City Farm organic markets in Brisbane. We desire to have a positive impact on our food system, where food is grown with love and regeneratively, always aiming to improve the quality of the land. We believe everyone can get involved in tending the earth and growing good food.

Seed Swap and Surplus Share

Join us for our 4th Annual Seed Swap and Surplus Share, uniting the gardening community of Earth Freqs! This is an opportunity to connect with other gardeners, share resources and learn from each other. The Seed Swap is an opportunity to trade, give or take some seeds of different plants. Seed sharing has been pivotal in the history of humanity and is a way to connect with the future. Maybe you have extras from seed packets you’ve bought, maybe you’ve harvested seeds from your own garden or collected some from your local environment, maybe you just want to try growing something new? Bring along whatever you have: seeds of vegetables, flowers, herbs, trees, whatever you would like to gift. Leftovers from past seasons are fine as long as you they are still viable. The Surplus Share is the space to share our homegrown produce with each other. Put your excess on the table and you never know what you may end up taking home! Everyone seems to have a little too much of something in their garden, whether it’s tomatoes, fresh herbs, fruits or plant cuttings. Whatever you have in abundance, bring it along in a generous act of giving. The Knowledge Circle is a new addition to our event, where all levels of plant lover can connect and share wisdom related to plants. Everything from simple tips for growing, to deep experiences related to plant consciousness will be talked about in this space. Come and share your stories. Nothing to share or new to gardening? That’s totally fine, there’s always plenty to go around. Come along and get the resources to begin, and maybe you’ll have something to share next year!