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Olivia is a song woman, passionate about nurturing, inspiring and supporting people on their journey of discovering their voice and their creative power. From a very young age she has facilitated healing and been a steward for the earth through art and healing. Her guidance and sacred space holding is a culmination of her alignment with reiki, studies in earth spirituality, vocal coaching, installation art & ritual, sound healing, nada yoga, various energy healing modalities and massage. Through Song of the Earth, Olivia has facilitated vocal workshops and sound journeys at retreats, in yoga classes, collaborative workshops and festivals, and in alliance with charities and community organisations to bring the power of song and sound for healing and meditation.

Song of the Earth - Sing with Soul

Song of the Earth welcomes you to come together in a nurturing, sacred and fun circle of song. The workshop incorporates Nada Yoga, Voice Meditation, Breath work, Singing exercises & Song.This workshop gives you practical tools and exercises that helps you to open and trust in your authentic expression, your vulnerability, and harness your creative power, with greater confidence, flow and resonance and prayer through song. Learn the art of singing that ensures the health of your voice and that deepens your connection to your voice with resonance and soul.