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Omora Sonqo

Omora has been working for more than 10 years with the indigenous traditions of America with different nations and tribes, like Bear Clan Ohlones tribe and Native American Lakota Sioux. He has been participating in tepee ceremonies, Sweat Lodge, Vision Quest and Sundance ceremony for over 8 years in Mexico and Chile. He has learnt how to share with the communities in the mountains of the Andes making offers to Mother Earth Pachamama, visiting Sacred sites, guiding power walks and ceremonies in Chile and Peru, also learned the songs and the Sacred medicines of the Huni Kuin people on the jungle of Brazil. Currently holds ceremonial spaces, sweat lodge ceremonies and facilitates medicine singing circles; also makes individual sessions of healing and reconnection of the soul working with shamanic cleansing medicines, bringing the harmony back.

Shamanic Medicine Songs - The healing vibration of the voice

With 10 years of experience on the Red Path of the Medicine Wheel, Omora has been sharing several traditional ceremonies and Sacred songs of different indigenous cultures of America. In this experience, he will be sharing the medicine of Sacred Songs to connect with our inner healing voice, through different practices such as breathing that will connect us with the Spirit of the Air; vocalisations will connect us with the emotions that are the Spirit of the Water; improvisation will connect us with the unity and the collective conscious, which it is the Spirit of the Fire; and we will dance to connect with the heart of Mother Earth. We will be awaken from inside out. Bringing in the medicine songs as our ancestors did. Share with us this experience of connection and healing.