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Peter Bowden from Shamanic Earth Medicine has been traveling nationally and internationally presenting at festivals, retreats and events over the past 30 years. His extensive knowledge and dedication to sharing Earth Based Medicine practices has touched the hearts and spirit of many. Peter's personal heritage as an Aboriginal man has taken him to places such as Canada, Mexico, Asia, New Zealand and all over Australia. This has enriched his knowledge and teachings learnt from elders and their cultures and traditions. Shamanic Earth Medicine is now the culmination of the wisdom of these ancestors. Peter has facilitated at many major events, conferences and festivals delivering his Medicine way Nationally and Internationally. Some of these include; Rainbow Serpent, Earth Frequency, Eclipse Festival, Bali Spirit and Luminate to name a few.

Medicine Drum Journey

This will be a Sacred Sound and Journey Ceremony as per all the other years where we create Sacred Space through Smudging, honoring this land, the Ancestors, all beings and to all who is sharing this Journey. Sharing the Medicine Drum and Sound Journey where we guide people out to the Great Mystery to Discover their Wise One. We will be using Medicine Drums, Didge, Flute, Crystal Bowls and Voice to guide this experience. As the sound comes to a close we will bring everyone back to stillness to share in our closing together as community, as brothers and sisters connected heart to heart across our circle, shining our Light out into the Festival, out into the Great Mystery for all Beings to connect to with our Resonance. Bless