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Peter Bowden is an Indigenous Medicine Man who has been drawn by his ancestors, wisdom keepers and spirit to walk this earth with his teachings for more than 30 years, both nationally and internationally. Shamanic Earth Medicine is a culmination of his teachings, history and lineage derived from around the world such as the elders of Australia, Canada, Mexico and more. The experience Peter has gained is one of shared knowledge and it is now his mission to our Earth Mother, Humanity and all Beings to share this Wisdom with others. Peter shares these wisdoms and lineages with the intent of connectedness, community, humanity and spirituality. Peter offers his services through shamanic education & training, retreats, ceremonies and healings. Through these experiences people have been empowered to walk their own medicine way within the Sacred Hoop of Life, surrendering and letting go into deeper states of healing consciousness for themselves and all beings. Peter also shares the shamanic way through the offering of sacred medicine tools and purification products through the Shamanic Earth Medicine Shop. Peter has facilitated at many major events, conferences and festivals delivering the teachings of the Dawn Star, the Way of the Peace Keeper, the Onglom Way, teachings from the Time Before Time and his teachings of the Medicine way. Walking the Good Red Road in Beauty.

A Medicine Drum Journey Into Self Mastery

We will begin with a group smudging ceremony honoring the ancestors, our allies and this land. We will then move into a discussion about the Medicine Wheel and the Sacred hoop of Life. From the discussion we will move into a shamanic sound journey of manifestation (lying down), to call in Mastery of Self, an expression of your highest and divine. Through this sound journey we will using Pow Wow Drum, Medicine Drums, Didge, Flutes, Crystal Bowls and Rattels.