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Rache Moore is a ceremonialist, designer and producer of immersive events, retreats and transformational experiences. In 2012 Rache founded Rainbow Tribe, a creative platform for heart-centred artists, performers and musicians to bring people together in celebration of life and the cycles of nature through yoga, meditation, ecstatic dance, ceremony and ritual. She co-hosts regular dance events and cultural ceremonies in Sydney with her partner and DJ Andre Meyer. She is the co-founder of one of Australia’s longest running Burning Man theme camps, Bang Bang, which has evolved to a global community of thousands since Rache created the camp in 2010. In 2015 Rache was initiated into the Nación Pachamama Movement in South America where she continues to gain knowledge in the teachings of Andean mysticism, a shamanic practice of natural law, custodianship and personal empowerment.

Returning to Ritual

With ritual we connect to the unseen, infinite and guiding lores of nature. This workshop will explore rituals to connect with the five elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth, as an introduction to Elemental Alchemy, the process of transcending our limited perception of existence to access the healing and mystical qualities of nature. Amidst the chaos is order and now is the time create our own rituals, rites of passage & ceremonies so we might reconnect with the awe of life and guidance of mother nature. We were created to be creators yet society today can trap us in the treadmill of life with no space for liberated creativity. Practicing rituals that celebrate and invoke the mysteries and magic of nature is a beautiful way to acknowledge our oneness with all of life whilst honouring our tribal origins, strengthening our Ancestral twine and sense of who we are.