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Cacao Love Ceremony

Cacao Love Ceremony is an invitation to come home to your heart, to your tribe and your joy by infusing every cell in your body with gratitude, love and beauty. Together we will share a contemporary ritual working with the herb of cacao, the medicine of music, and the healing power of liberated self-expression. Cacao is a healing earth medicine with active ingredients that affect the physical and energetic sheaths of our body, to truly connect to the subtle messages of this beautiful herb we will begin our ceremony in a calm, present and grounded state.  In it's raw form, cacao has been used for eons by cultures including the Mayans and Aztecs to connect to the wisdom of the heart, earth and elements of nature. It is said to bring us to the door of the heart as it contains high levels of magnesium to relax the body and the alkaloids tryptophan and theobromine which elevate our mood and can increase serotonin production. Cacao is a cardiovascular stimulant that widens the vessels of the heart and increases blood flow, anyone prone to anxiety or currently taking anti-depressants is advised to limit their intake.