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Rache Moore is a designer and producer of immersive events, wellness retreats and transformational experiences and is a qualified teacher of Anahata Yoga and Five Element Form. In 2012 Rache founded Rainbow Tribe, a creative platform for heart-centred artists, performers and musicians to bring people together in celebration of life through yoga, meditation, dance, ceremony and spiritual events. She presents to audiences around the world at festivals, retreats and conferences and continues to design transformational global events and experiences for conscious communities. Andre Meyer aka DJ Sohm is a global gypsy, renown author, dedicated Ashtanga Yogi, globally acclaimed body modification artist and DJ who has performed at festivals around the world. Mixing live DJ sets for Brazil’s underground electronic label Tropical Twisa Records, André finds inspiration for his music, methodology and life path by studying tribal culture and has worked in production on Indigenous documentaries with tribes in the Amazon and around the world. In 2011, André wrote a book chronicling his experiences, Lindo DeDoer – a record of esoteric, exotic & spiritual tribal festivals, Body Art and ritual. Rache and Andre are based in Sydney where they host monthly events for ever growing the conscious tribe.

Cacao Ritual + Ecstatic Dance

Calling all Earth Freqs to come get your DOSE of Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins as we move, breathe and dance with earth, water, fire, air and ether. Our ninety minute journey is dedicated to your beautiful mind, body and spirit shining brighter. Beginning with a communal ritual with Peruvian Cacao, earth medicine of the heart, awakening the mind and stepping to the doorway of our hearts. We will flow through the five elements and into ecstatic dance with DJ Andre Meyer’s hypnotic exotic electronica.