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Siân Bhala is a founding member and co-creator of Opalesque Dance Company. Since 2009, Siân has been the key choreographer and performer within the company while building a reputation for polished and professional performances within Brisbane. Siân creates her unique style of Modern Bellydance by combining her love of theatre and contemporary dance while honoring the traditional roots of bellydance. Through this process she has created a unique collection of movements and eclectic interpretations, fused with a dance that is ancient and sacred. Constantly seeking out opportunities to develop her skills and broaden her experience, Siân has dedicated recent years to training extensively both locally and internationally. Beyond dance, Sian's second passion is teaching. Through sharing and encouraging other women to dance she hopes to facilitate a rich, supportive and diverse dance community in Brisbane.

Dance as Art

Inspired by modern bellydance, this workshop will focus on expressive lines and percussive movement as a means of embodying music. We will combine fluid moves with precise isolations and explore concepts of movement and breath. Using powerful and graceful combinations (that draw from Sian’s own dance repertoire and the movement vocabulary of ATS®) we will dance as a tribe while exploring this vibrant and captivating dance style. This workshop will be the perfect way to start the day and connect with your body before hitting the dancefloor.