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Teddi shows woman struggling with self doubt, overwhelm , analysis paralysis aka anxiety how to be confident and feel empowered, so that they can take action and create the things they are dreaming of! Teddi a EFT ( emotional freedom technique ) Practioner and Iridologist using energetic and physical forms of healing. She has done workshops and retreats all over the world assisting women in healing their relationship with themselves and their bodies.


We are going to look at the sneaky hidden stories in the back of the mind that are weakening your self confidence , you now the ones that whisper to you and hold you back from really letting go on the dance floor , stopping you from doing that thing you cant stop thinking about , from speaking your truth from a place of ease... We look at WHY that is and then we use powerful energy psychology techniques to RELEASE them ... This is going to be a powerful reset going into 2020 with more self confidence and self love.