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The birth of Attunement Therapy is the culmination Tristan’s 13 years of exploring his own findings as a regression therapist specializing in trauma recovery. He has been utilizing many healing modalities and tools as he holds space for his clients to explore their evolution and healing process. In the past few years, he has also been offering more and more sessions for counselling and coaching with particular emphasis on sexuality, relationships and healthy lifestyle choices. Tristan’s studies have been primarily in the areas of Psychotherapy, Meditation, Quantum Healing, Cell Biology, Epigenetics, Kinesiology, Psychopharmacology, Child Brain Development, Sexual Health, Diet, Detox, Philosophy, Metaphysics, Taoism, Shamanism, Entheogens, Chi Gung, Kung Fu and Modern Medical Science. Now, Tristan only offers Attunement Therapy because it’s efficient healing capacity bypasses cumbersome talking therapies and regression therapies. This is because, it creates a unique situation where the unconscious of the client is put in control of the healing. Their body and mind automatically begin healing what issues require the most urgent attention. The body knows what it needs.

Co-Regulation: How to balance the body with touch

Co-regulation: How to balance the body with touch. This is a workshop that is 30% theory and %70 practical. This is based of Tristan’s work with Attunement Therapy. Attunement Therapy not only provides the opportunity for safe, neutral, non-sexual touch; it is so effective that it can deeply re-organize the nervous system, so that clients walk away with a heightened sense of self and the stronger drive to seek more healthy physical connection with other people. This work shop is co-regulation. This is where people are randomly paired and they lay on the ground holding each other in a still, peaceful and non-sexual manner. This allows for a deep relaxation and healing in the body along with sometimes gentle release of emotion. The first part or the workshop will explain the science an the benefits to creating healthy touch relationships in our life and why we should explore co-regulation. The holding portion of this workshop will held to music. This is a very healing and peaceful workshop based on cutting edge science in combination with spiritual research. Tristan teaches this work all over the world.