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Vishuddha Das & Krystal Aranyani

Spiritual Educators & Authors

VISHUDDHA DAS: Vishuddha Das (Koi Fresco) is a Spiritual Student & Author who studies under the Renoun Vedantic Teacher Swami Sarvadevananda. At 25 years of age, Koi is the published author of two bestselling books, "A (Not So) Enlightened Youth" & "The Meditation Manual". Along with this Vishuddha runs an educational YouTube channel ( garnering over half a million subscribers, which focuses on helping us awaken our true self and thrive in this life. KRYSTAL ARANYANI: Krystal Aranyani is a passionate yoga instructor, world traveler, writer and public speaker- with a vision to help others rediscover their DIVINITY, reclaim their personal SOVEREIGNTY, HEAL from the past and AWAKEN. Originally from Canada, she has been exploring Earth since 2011. She's studied around the world and is certified in five types of yoga, but tantra is her passion. Krystal's classes and workshops are a unique fusion of tantra, kundalini, vinyasa and free movement, with an emphasis on awakening Shakti energy. She is currently publishing her first book, Awakening the Goddess, released in September 2018.

Balacing Your Masculine & Feminine Divinty

In this 2 Hour Workshop Vishuddha Das & Krystal Aranyani will be walking to listeners through a combination of lectures, interactive activities and a q&a panel at the end. The workshop begins with a 30 minute lecture as to the nature of feminine divinity, where it is misrepresented & lacking in our lives/the modern lives, and how we can re-envigorate the feminine nature within us, as to better find balance with our masculine nature. As this lecture 30 minute lecture by Vishuddha Das closes, Krystal Aranyani will present another 30 minute lecture on as to the nature of masculine divinity, where it is misrepresented & lacking in our lives/the modern world, and how we can re-envigorate our inner masculinity, as to better find balance with our masculine nature... Following this lecture will be a 45 minute interactive parern activity to allow us to open our heart & begin to enact this change in a sacred space, follwed by a 15 minute Q&A panel for any remaining questions.