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How To Access Medical Cannabis Safely And Legally In Australia

My name is Zak Atkins & I have been using medical cannabis to treat my spinal condition successfully for 6 years. I have had the pleasure of first hand seeing the great benefits of using cannabis oil as a treatment to an array of medical conditions. I obtained my medical script as soon as it was available in 2016 and I have been living pain free for quite some time. During my lecture I will be discussing the benefits of medical cannabis, What types of conditions it is beneficial for and I will give each person the tools they need to successfully obtain and access medical cannabis in Australia. In this medical cannabis workshop I will also be offering ongoing support for those who require the extra level of assistance to obtain their script. Have you been interested in trying cannabis therapy for your medical condition? You are entitled to access medical cannabis legally if you have had a chronic condition for 3 months or longer. Come along to find out how you can access medical cannabis legally. I have struggled with my own peace of mind before I knew that cannabis was accessible to those who are suffering. There is so much red tape involved & government bureaucracy that it can be a little intimidating for someone suffering to cut through all of the hokus pokus. I have managed to obtain access to multiple clinics & have tried most of the products available I would like to share my experience and wisdom so far and give the Earth Frequency community the knowledge to empower themselves and those who need access to medical cannabis. For some this is life or death. Let me guide you through the process & support you to achieve your health goals. Since using cannabis legally to treat my condition I have formed a new and beautiful relationship with this all powerful herb and it is my intention to share this with each and everyone of you. I will provide information packs about local cannabis clinics and my best possible recommendation for the right cannabis doctor suited to your needs Hope to see you there