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Music sits at the core of the Earth Frequency experience! From our early days of electronic dance music focus, we have evolved over the years to our current form as a diverse live and electronic music festival. Our lineups include a wide range of music styles ranging from live bands, to original electronic producers and djs, with an overall focus on quality independant positive and creative musical expression. Over the 4 days you can expect to hear a solid dose of Reggae, Dubstep, Techno, Glitch-Hop, World Music, Progressive, Hip-Hop, Psytrance, Drum and Bass, Folk, Funk and Down-Tempo, all sitting along side each other harmoniously in a 4 day mix of music that will satisfy all tastes and push the boundaries.

Our music policy puts quality and diversity at the forefront, simultaneously connecting past present and future in to an unforgettable journey. The melting pot of live and electronic styles and the wide range of musical stylings is a unique aspect of Earth Frequency Festival and a big part of creating that special festival vibe.

Keep an open mind and through the weekend you'll be sure to catch some amazing sounds from right across the broad spectrum of the human experience!


The lineup so far ... 

Electric Ballroom - Germany
Gravitas Recordings - France
TesseractStudio - Serbia
Slurp Music - Australia
Tronic / Bedrock - UK
Shoshin - UK
Nano - Portugal
(DJ Set) Interchill - UK
Inspected / Open Outlets - UK
TesseractStuido - Serbia
SenkaSonic / Exit - UK
Dear Deer / Bassic Records - Brazil
Zenon Records - Brazil
Jungle Cakes - UK
Sourcecode Transmissions - Australia
Independant - Australia
Addictech / Simplify - USA
Zenon Records - USA
Monstercat / Caliber Music - USA
Loci Records - Canada
Westwood / Lowtemp - Australia
East Van Digital - Canada
G Mafia Records - Australia
Weapon Records - Australia
Artikal Music / Tempa - UK
Gravitas - USA
Moontribe - USA
Westwood / Banana Bombs - UK
Kinematic Records - Australia
Street Ritual - USA
Zenon - Australia
Shanti Planti - USA
Open Records - Australia
Smilkmusic - Australia
Recovery Collective / Bassic / Open - Australia
Higher Recordings - Australia
Zenon / Merkaba - Australia
Machine - Australia
Kinematic Records / Weapon Records - Australia
Tribeadelic - Australia
Spin Twist / TesseracT - Australia
Sourcecode Transmissions - Australia
Kinematic Records - Australia