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We're very happy to have the Consciousnest as part of Earth Frequency Festival 2022. In the lead up to the festival we will be sharing some harm reduction messages from the Consciousnest. Please be sure to check out this information and party smart, as the health and safety of our beautiful festival community is the most important thing for us here at EFF. The Consciousnest will have a home base at the festival and roaming volunteers helping everyone with the harm reduction message.

The ConsciousNest is a non for profit organisation which aims to provide an educative, conscious and safe alternative space within the music event community.  The services that will be offered at Earth Frequency festival 2022 are harm reduction education and support focused drop in spaces. Across all areas we hope to install healthy and positive alternatives whilst educating young people to make informed and conscious decisions when partying in a friendly and non judgmental manner.

The harm reduction information space is run by volunteers qualified in social work, drug and alcohol services, youth work and people with particular interest and passion for harm reduction in music festivals. The aim is to provide lots of resources and engage in conversation with patrons to reduce the risks involved with alcohol and drug consumption and educate party goers on how to be safer while having fun.

The second area is a support space which aims to assist with patron’s wellbeing and provides engaging activities by the crew for people to stimulate communication, connection and creative healing. Anyone is welcome into this space 24hrs a day during the festival if they require support, a friendly chat, somewhere to lay down, a cup of tea or water. This space is run by qualified youth AOD outreach workers, registered nurses, art therapists, community services, suicide intervention training, mental health first aid, arts psychotherapies and people with experience in holding space for others during difficult times. 

The final service the ConsciousNest will offer at the festival is a roaming cooling and caring team who will look after hydrating patrons with water and fruit, keep an eye out for the general wellbeing of people on the dance floors and provide on the spot harm reduction information and party safe items such as ear plugs, condoms, water and fruit.