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Earth Frequency Festival celebrates connection and intention as much in our relationship with the land as within the community we bring together. We aim to act with awareness and respect for the Earth, educating and engaging our community in environmentally friendly behaviors while upholding the same values in all stages of the event. With a focus on nurturing a culture of responsibility and kinship, Earth Frequency is investing in existing and new initiatives to create a more sustainable festival for the future.

A huge thank you to YOU, our community, for listening and participating with our sustainability guidelines. Over the last few years a hugely positive response from festival goers in taking on the responsibility of living and sharing our environmentally conscious culture. Thank you so much for your continued support

You are important. When it comes to sustainability, our festival is only as good as the behaviour of the individuals in our community. Please read the information below so we can keep improving!

What you can do:

  • Carpool Carpool Carpool – transport is easily the biggest contributor to our carbon footprint
  • Leave No Trace – respect the earth and yourself and don’t leave a trace of trash behind (see below)
  • No Glass – glass is an environmental hazard and a logistical nightmare. Bring cans or plastic. Easy!
  • Bin Your Butts – if you smoke, use a personal ashtray or the bins provided. No butts on the ground.
  • Be water wise – running water is easy to take for granted. Be mindful when using showers and taps
  • Use the bins provided– Take two seconds to make sure you dispose of your stuff in the right bins
  • Recycle when you get home – separate trash from recycling in your camp, take it home and recycle.
  • Bring a reusable coffee cup and water bottle – got one for cocktails? Use your own for coffee and water to cut down on trashed paper cups and plastic bottles
  • Share knowledge – you are part of building an eco-friendly culture! Share these ideas around.



Leave No Trace means that everyone at the festival makes sure they leave their camp site and the festival site exactly as we found it: no rubbish – not one bit. You are expected to take home everything that you brought with you.

What this really means is that we all learn to think smart about what we bring in the first place and cut down on stuff that we don’t need.

When you plan what to bring, you are planning what you’ll take home.

Gonna bin it? Don’t bring it!


Planning Tips:

  • Bring just enough food to eat, choose food that won’t spoil over the weekend.
  • Cut back on useless packaging, use reusable containers or recyclable packs like tetra paks or tins
  • Bring good camping gear, not stuff that’s going to break and get binned
  • Don’t bring cheap disposable things like party poppers, plastic cutlery and stuff bound for landfill.
  • Don’t bring a couch if you don’t want to take it home. Leaving it behind is illegal dumping.

Earth Frequency is committed to minimising our impact in everything from watching our energy consumption, continuing carbon offsets programs, creating stronger recycling and composting systems, to enforcing green purchasing policies for stall holders. New systems will also better measure our impact to identify ways to reduce our footprint in the future, concentrating on key areas of waste management, energy use, water use and community education. To build an enduring green culture we are engaging crew, stall holders and the greater community through developing an environmental policy and a growing eco-arts and education program, working to actively promote the co- creation a greener Earth Frequency festival.

While the Earth Frequency team works toward better environmental outcomes behind the scenes, the sustainability of the festival relies equally on the actions and attitudes of the community. We ask you to be conscious of what you can do to help, to share your eco-sense with friends and festival neighbours, and to remember to reduce, reuse and recycle.

We welcome your feedback, ideas and participation. Please contact us at if you have anything to share.